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All About Koi

Find out why we are the best option for you to learn Spanish online

Why the name Koi?

We got inspired from the Japanese legend about the koi fish and the waterfall, and its magnificent symbolism.

In a nutshell, the legend says that there once was a huge school of golden koi fish that swam upstream the Yellow River in China. At the very last part of their journey, they met a huge waterfall which prevented them from advancing. Even though many tried over the course of a hundred years, they did not succeed in overcoming such obstacle. However, one particular koi fish kept attempting the climb until it leapt high enough to reach the top. The gods were so pleased that they turned it into a shiny golden dragon as a reward.

Mission, Vision & Values

Our main goal is to help anyone learn Spanish in their time and place of preference to make the process more enjoyable, positive and successful.

We visualize Koi as an online academy that excels in teaching Spanish as second language to tear off cultural barriers and encourage good communication and great intercultural experiences.

Just like the koi fish, we believe that hard work, discipline, perseverance, and a great attitude are the key to success. We've all struggled to overcome an obstacle in the past, but learning to never give up is truly the only way of becoming a shiny golden dragon!

Meet your tutor and founder: Ana María Aguilar

Hello, it’s a pleasure to meet you! I’m from Mexico and I have two majors: Communications and Law. In addition, I have specialized studies in translation and interpretation. I have over 25 years of professional experience in different fields, however my true passion is teaching. I’ve worked as a teacher for 15 years; teaching students from different grades and a myriad of cultural backgrounds.

I am certified to teach online classes, because it’s what today's world is demanding. My lessons are 100% tailor-made and they have a communicative approach to encourage the development of different language proficiency skills through a variety of activities placed in real contexts, to motivate the student’s interest and curiosity to learn and improve in every opportunity.

I care for every detail! I’m great at listening, supporting, caring, encouraging and motivating students. I’m really engaged with them to make their Spanish learning a nice, fun, constructive and productive experience.

This is a promise!

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